Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Rumor: MLB to Hire 7 Umpires, in Part, for Instant Replay

MLB will hire 6-7 umpires, in part, to staff instant replay review positions, according to an anonymous source not authorized to speak on the subject. MLB's hiring of the additional crews and crew chiefs will reportedly occur this week, though no public and official announcement is expected until formal adoption of the 2014 model—including the proposed instant replay challenge system. The rumor is reported as unconfirmed.

MLB last promoted a Triple-A umpire to its full-time MLBU staff when Chris Conroy replaced the terminated Brian Runge in mid-June 2013. The UEFL reported the rumor of Conroy's promotion one week prior. Prior to Conroy's hiring, MLB hired Vic Carapazza, Manny Gonzalez and Alan Porter to the big league staff and promoted Ted Barrett, Fieldin Culbreth and Jim Joyce to crew chief, replacing the retiring Derryl Cousins, Ed Rapuano and Tim Tschida in mid-January 2013. The UEFL reported the AAA hires as a rumor on January 10.

Prior to Spring Training 2013, UEFL Appeals Board member tmac posted his power rankings for the league's call-up contingent. Removing Conroy (#98) from the list, the 2013 power rankings were:
1) Jordan Baker (#71)
2) Lance Barrett (#94)
3) Mike Estabrook (#83)
4) Toby Basner (#99)
5) Cory Blaser (#89)
6) DJ Reyburn (#70)
7) Mike Muchlinski (#76)
8) David Rackley (#86)
9) John Tumpane (#74)
10) Angel Campos (#84)*
11) Clint Fagan (#82)
12) Mark Ripperger (#90)
13) Mark Lollo (#96)
14) (tie) Tripp Gibson (#73), Adam Hamari (#78) [ranking prior to either umpire working an MLB game]

*Angel Campos, who did not work a single regular season MLB game in 2013, is expected to be released.

As for retirements, the league's senior-most umpires include Joe West (36 years, -cc 2003), Tim McClelland (31.5 years, -cc 2000), John Hirschbeck (30.5 years, -cc 2000), Gerry Davis/Dana DeMuth (both 30 years, -cc 1999), Dale Scott (27 years, -cc 2001) and Gary Darling (26 years, -cc 2004).

As for potential crew chief promotes, Larry Vanover & Angel Hernandez are the only active umpires with 20+ years experience and a #2 role on their respective crews (Hernandez has worked the World Series [twice], Vanover has not). Bob Davidson, with 25 years of service, was a #3 on his crew last season. Other notable #2s with notable acting/interim crew chief appearances include Mike Everitt (14 years), Kerwin Danley (16), Bill Miller (14), Dan Iassogna (11) and Jeff Nelson (15).


Lindsay said...

Great news for the minor league guys. Not quite be same level as in 1999/2000 with the failed union strike but still good for the guys that could have been on the outs like Mike Estabrook or Muchlinski. Wonder who from 2013 is retiring.

Lindsay said...

I'm a student at the Harry Wedenstadt Umpire School right now, about 30 minutes ago Jerry Layne announced to the class that there were 6 hirings, and school instructors Jordan Baker and Dave Rackley are among them.

Lindsay said...

Thanks Phil!

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