Friday, March 21, 2014

Draft: Opening Series (Australia) Review and Formalities

G'day! As Australia hosts the Opening Series, the UEFL draft review period is upon us. At this time, all registrants of the 2014 Umpire Ejection Fantasy League have been added to the 2014 League Standings page on the UEFL Portal and, of equal importance, all received draft picks have been inserted. With the exception of crew chief selections, which will be due no earlier than Sunday, March 30, please ensure that your submitted draft picks—all Primary and Secondary umpire selections—are listed and accurate.

For those whose selections show as a null set, please contact the UEFL Commissioner's Office for remedy to include restricted selection.* If, at the end of this review period, no draft selections have been received, you will be assigned a random combination of umpires from the restricted selection list, in "Quick Pick" fashion.*

The MLB crew list is not yet available and for this reason, the unrestricted crew chief draft deadline has been extended to no earlier than Sunday, March 30.

If you have permissible changes or requests, click here to access and submit the 2014 UEFL Draft form.

*Pursuant to the 2014 UEFL Draft timeline and schedule, unrestricted Primary and Secondary umpire selections were associated with various deadlines. Now that these deadlines have passed, members who have not drafted their umpires are subject to restricted selection based on draft popularity.

For instance, whereas a member who drafts prior to the deadline for unrestricted selection may choose any qualifying umpire as their selection (e.g., any crew chief for Crew Division), a member who drafts after this deadline and during the restricted period may not have more popular draft picks available to them (e.g., Joe West or Jim Joyce) as these umpires are removed from the restricted selection list such that only less chosen umpires remain.


Lindsay said...

Looks like Welke went back to the regular mask for the Down Under season opener, having used a Wilson bucket the last few years.

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