Tuesday, August 26, 2014

MLB Denies Rays Instant Replay Review Timing Protest

MLB denied the Rays' protest over Toronto's Replay Review that occurred Saturday, August 23 at the Rogers Centre. With one out and one on in the Rays-Blue Jays game, Blue Jays pitcher Mark Buehrle threw to first base in an attempt to pick off Rays baserunner R1 Will Myers, who was ruled safe by 1B Umpire Bill Welke. Following a Manager's Challenge by Jays skipper John Gibbons, Welke's ruling was overturned and Myers declared out. The Jays ultimately won the contest, 5-4.

Maddon lodges his protest with CC Davidson
Following the reversal, Rays Manager Joe Maddon elected to protest the game, asserting that Crew Chief Bob Davidson's decision to honor Gibbons' request for challenge was in error because Gibbons did not challenge the play until Buehrle was back on the mound in contact with the pitcher's plate and batter Yunel Escobar was in the batter's box.

Replay Review Regulation II.D.1 states, in part, that "a Manager must exercise his challenge...before commencement of the next play or pitch...For purposes of these Regulations, the next "play" shall commence when the pitcher is on the rubber preparing to start his delivery and the batter has entered the batter's box."

Replay Review Regulation II.D.5 states, "The Crew Chief shall have final authority to determine whether a Manager's Challenge is timely. The judgment of the Crew Chief regarding the timeliness of a Manager's Challenge shall be final and binding on both Clubs, and shall not be reviewable by Replay Review or otherwise."

Replay Review Regulation II.K.4 states, "Official Baseball Rule 4.19 shall have no applicability to these Replay Regulations. No protest shall ever be permitted on judgment decisions by the Replay Official. Moreover, a violation of any rule or procedure set forth herein shall not constitute a basis for protesting a game."

Pursuant to the above terms (II.D.5 and II.K.4), whether Gibbons' protest was timely may have resulted in Tampa Bay's request to protest the game, but such protest cannot be upheld.

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