Monday, March 28, 2016

UEFL University - Video Rulebook - Ejections

The following UEFL video rulebook entry pertains to ejection, a prescribed penalty for unsporting conduct:
SeeEjections - What and Wherefore? Standards for Removal from the Game (3/29/17)
Arguing Balls and Strikes
Leaving one's position to argue balls/strikes, check swings, warnings, or balks is grounds for ejection.
Arguing an Earlier Call or Call from Previous Game
Arguing an earlier call or claiming video contradicts the on-field ruling may result in immediate ejection.
Arguing a Replay Review or Reversed Call
Arguing a Replay Review decision or a call reversed after umpire conference may result in ejection.
Use of Histrionic Gestures
Use of histrionic gestures during an argument or in protest of a call is a ground for automatic ejection.
Actions Intended to Ridicule
Actions specifically intended to ridicule an umpire (e.g., drawing a line in the dirt) may result in ejection.
Throwing Equipment
Throwing equipment or uniform apparel in disgust over a call, or at an umpire/opponent is ejectable.
Prolonged Arguing
Excessive or a refusal to stop arguing after being instructed to, or employing personal, prolongedprofane or lewd conduct is grounds for ejection.
Physical Contact with Umpire
Physical contact with an umpire is cause for ejection. Spitting on, intentionally assaulting, or battering an umpire shall result in immediate ejection.
Failure to Comply with an Order
Failure to comply with an umpire's order to do or refrain from doing something, such as entering the batter's box, is grounds for ejection from the game.
Foreign Substance
A pitcher may be ejected for possession of an illegal foreign substance on his person while a batter may be removed from the game for illegal equipment, such as corked bat.
Intentionally Throwing at a Batter
Intentionally pitching at the batter is a  dangerous and ejectable offense. A less severe infraction may result in the issuance of warnings that the next occurrence will result in ejections.
Fighting, including charging the mound, shall result in ejection of combatants determined to have instigated or substantively participated in the brawl event.


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