Tuesday, March 29, 2016

UEFL University - Video Rulebook - Replay Review

The following UEFL video rulebook entry is Replay Review, or reviewable plays via video instant replay review. Replay Review may be initiated in one of two ways: By Manager's Challenge or by Crew Chief Review. Each team receives one Manager's Challenge per game (two challenges during the postseason), which the team retains until they unsuccessfully challenge a play. An umpire can initiate the Crew Chief Review beginning in the 7th inning and only if a team is out of challenges. All reviewable plays, with the exception of possible home run calls and scorekeeping issues, may be requested via Manager's Challenge; home run plays and scorekeeping reviews must be initiated via the Crew Chief and can be reviewed at any point during a game. The following are reviewable plays:
Safe or Out (Timing)
Safe or Out (Timing on Force Play)
Safe or Out (Tag)
Safe or Out (Tag of the Runner)
Safe or Out (Touch)
Safe or Out (Touch of the Base)
Appeal (Touching a Base)
Appeal Play (Touching a Base)
Appeal (Tagging Up Timely)
Appeal Play (Tagging Up/Timing)
Passing a Runner
Trail Passing the Preceding Runner
Hit by Pitch, Foul, or Ball (No Contact with Hitter)
Hit by Pitch, Foul, or Ball (Contact)
Timing Plays
Timing Play Regarding the 3rd Out
Record and Scorekeeping Issues
Scorekeeping Issues (the count, etc.)
Fair or Foul in the Outfield
Fair or Foul (Non-HR in Outfield)
Catch or Trap
Catch or Trap of a Batted Ball
Catch and Transfer or Drop
Catch and Drop on Transfer or Not
Boundary and Grounds
Stadium Boundary and Grounds
Possible Home Run
Any Potential Home Run
Home Plate Collision Rule
HP Collision or 2B Interference Rule


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