Friday, July 8, 2016

Report - Nats GM Rizzo Confronts Jim Joyce After Game

Nationals GM Mike Rizzo confronted umpire Jim Joyce after Thursday's game in New York and Joyce's ninth-inning slide rule interference ruling against Washington, DC. According to New York Daily News' Christian Red, Rizzo entered into a verbal altercation with Joyce over the play after the game's conclusion, in which New York prevailed with a 9-7 victory.

With none out and one on (R1) in the top of the 9th inning, Nationals batter Daniel Murphy hit a ground ball to Mets shortstop Asdrubal Cabrera, who threw to second baseman Neil Walker as Nationals baserunner R1 Jayson Werth slid toward second base, and onto first base, albeit after Murphy's arrival. However, 2B Umpire Joyce ruled Werth had violated Official Baseball Rule 6.01(j) concerning bona fide slides, and Murphy was declared out for the actions of teammate Werth. Upon Replay Review as the result of a Nationals challenge, Joyce's call—and the double play—stood. Replays indicate Werth was unable to remain on the base after his slide, which is a violation of the bona fide slide rule, Joyce's call was correct.

Refresher: The four criteria of a bona fide slide are:
1) Runner begins his slide and makes contact with the ground before reaching the base;
2) He is able and attempts to reach the base with his hand or foot;
3) He is able and attempts to remain on the base (except home) after completing the slide; and
4) He slides within reach without change of path to initiate contact with a fielder.

This reportedly isn't Rizzo's first argument with umpires at Citi Field, and MLB may review the incident.

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