Wednesday, August 26, 2020

2020 No-Hitter 1, CB Bucknor (1; Lucas Giolito)

HP Umpire CB Bucknor called White Sox pitcher Lucas Giolito's no-hitter against the Pirates in Chicago Tuesday night, Bucknor's first career no-hitter. The interim crew chief was joined by Erich Bacchus (1B), John Tumpane (2B), and Jose Navas (3B).

Bucknor presided over 153 total pitches, of which 108 were callable.

Specifically, under UEFL f/x rules (one-inch margin of error), Bucknor called all but four pitches correctly. Under Zone Evaluation rules (two-inch margin of error), the accuracy increased to 106/108 (98.1%), while under the confines of zero-error, Bucknor called a game of 101/108 at 93.5%.

The UEFL f/x look:
Balls: 70 called balls outside strike zone / 0 called balls within strike zone = 70/70 = 100.0% Accuracy.
Strikes: 34 called strikes within strike zone / 4 called strikes outside strike zone = 34/38 = <90% Accuracy.
Total Raw Accuracy Score for Bucknor = 104/108 = 96.3% Accuracy (+0 Neutral/no skew).


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