Sunday, October 3, 2021

Gerry Davis Retires After Umpiring 5,000th Game

Gerry Davis, MLB's second senior-most umpire, retired after officiating his 5,000th career major league game during Sunday afternoon's Cubs-Cardinals regular season finale. Born in St Louis, Davis began his professional career in the National League on June 9, 1982, and 40 years later retires from baseball with the most all-time postseason games ever officiated.

Davis' postseason resume of 26 years includes three Wild Card Games, 13 Division Series, 11 League Championship Series, and six World Series. Davis has served as a major league umpire long enough to eject Brad Ausmus both as a player in 1994 and as a manager in 2015.

After opting out of MLB's COVID 2020 season, Davis delayed his 2021 debut, needing just 43 games to achieve the 5,000 milestone. After joining all-time games worked leader Joe West's crew to work one last time with the Blue Cowboy several days prior, Davis sat out Friday and Saturday's games, needing just one game to reach 5,000—Sunday's.


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