Monday, August 8, 2022

Ask UEFL - Whoa Nelly! Mets' Nimmo Out After Missed Tag

Despite Replay Review overturning 2B Umpire Jeff Nelson's erroneous out call on a missed tag by Braves infielder Ehire Adrianza, Mets baserunner Brandon Nimmo nonetheless was declared out as a result of shortstop Dansby Swanson's subsequent tag later in the sequence.

With none out and one on, R1 Nimmo ran toward second base when Mets batter Starling Marte hit a ground ball to Atlanta's Adrianza. Upon fielding the ball, Adrianza attempted to tag Nimmo between first and second base before throwing onto first baseman Matt Olson to retire the batter.

However, although Adrianza's glove made contact with Nimmo's body resulting in an out call from 2B Umpire Nelson, Replay Review overturned that portion of the play, having noticed that Adrianza's glove was empty at the time of the tag—the baseball was in his throwing hand detached from his glove.

In the end, although the call was overturned, the result of the play remained an out, with the Replay Official during Sunday's game ruling that Nimmo would nonetheless have been thrown and tagged out at second base had Nelson not called Nimmo out on Adrianza's phantom tag. This is because first baseman Olson, likely sensing that Adrianza had missed the tag, threw the ball back to shortstop Swanson, who dutifully jogged to and tagged Nimmo as he stood between first and second base.

The standard for deciding an outcome of a play in which a portion of the play has been overturned via Replay Review is to determine what would have likely occurred had the final call been made as in the initial call. In this situation, Replay judged that Nimmo would have been out on Swanson's tag based on both the Atlanta infielders' and Nimmo's actions after the original (overturned) out call had been made.


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