Sunday, June 19, 2011

UEFL News: Store & Umpire Forum

The Umpire Ejection Fantasy League is dedicated to constant development into a greater umpiring reference. Accordingly, we are happy to debut the UEFL's newest features, the Umpire Forum, Post Rules Tags, and the UEFL Store.

Umpire Forum: The newest page of the UEFL, the Umpire Forum is the official Discussion Request page. Feel free to post a comment in the Umpire Forum to request and nominate a topic for discussion, or just to chat in general. We'll take the best candidates and feature those topics as upcoming Discussions: posts.

Post Rules Tags: Using the blog's labels feature, applicable posts will now be tagged with the rule(s) they reference, as long as the post deals with a rules topic that isn't quite straightforward. For instance, while a balls/strikes ejection might not be tagged with Rule 2.00 STRIKE ZONE, a slightly less straightforward appeal play might be tagged with Rule 7.10. You may search by label using the labels feature in the right column.

UEFL Store: The UEFL Online Store features various merchandise with a uniquely UEFL twist. Now you can support the UEFL while getting something truly tangible in return. To visit the UEFL Online Store, click here.


stratbaseballman said...

So tempted to buy a hat or two and wear it to work an adult league game with another UEFL fan.

Anonymous said...

pretty sweet but you should have the definion of the rule on the t-shirt

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