Wednesday, October 31, 2012

UEFL Awards: 2012 Umpire of the Year: Gerry Davis

2012 UEFL Awards: Umpire of the Year: Gerry Davis (12)
Voting Results (min. 10%): Davis 13%, Alfonso Marquez 11%, Jeff Kellogg 10%, Dan Iassogna 10%.

Gerry Davis is the Umpire Ejection Fantasy League's 2012 Umpire of the Year.

Umpire Gerry Davis
In his 29th MLB season, Gerry Davis concluded 2012 with zero ejections following two ejections in 2011. Davis greeted AAA call-up Jordan Baker for his June debut and was named as crew chief to his fourth All-Star Game in July. In the fall, Davis worked his 19th postseason, appearing as a crew chief in both the Reds-Giants NLDS and the Tigers-Giants World Series, during which his crew called non-balls/strikes with 100% accuracy, with 11 correctly officiated close calls that required replay review to verify Quality of Correctness. After working nine postseason games in 2012 to bring his total to 115 postseason contests, Davis now holds the Major League officiating record for most postseason games umpired in history. Davis has appeared in every MLB postseason since 1998 and has worked at least one special event annually since 1995.

Davis is a previous recipient of the UEFL's Crew Chief of the Year Award (2011).

Gerry Davis now has 15 points in the Umpire Ejection Fantasy League (10 Previous + 5 Award = 15).

The Rules Summit will begin tomorrow.


UmpsRule said...

One of the best for sure.

SJR said...

No objection here.

Anonymous said...

I think a lot of people voted for him because they had him on there UEFL roster.

Lindsay said...

Gerry Davis was not drafted as a primary or secondary umpire by any of the 77 league participants.

Anonymous said...

All the big games - All-Star, DS, World Series - and he's the crew chief, breaking the all-time MLB record for most postseason games umpired (I think that's a record for all sports, just by how NBA assigns its crews, how many games are played, etc.). I say he deserves it.

LouOCNY said...

Not only all of the above, but his equipment and his e store are some of the best in the biz.....

The GD leg guards are outstanding, and I have never had a problem ordering through his website.

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