Sunday, June 23, 2013

MiLB Ejection of the Week: ALB-MEM Bench Clearing Brawl

A bench-clearing brawl featuring 10 ejections between the PCL's Isotopes and Redbirds is our MiLB Ejection of the Week. To begin the madness, Redbirds pitcher Maikel Cleto hit Isotopes batter Jeremy Moore with an up-and-in pitch in the bottom of the 3rd inning, resulting in a bench clearance and warnings issued. After Moore hit a three-run home run in the 4th, Redbirds pitcher Jorge Rondon was immediately ejected for throwing at the very next Isotopes batter, Justin Sellers. Rondon's 0-0 fastball grazed Seller's upper shoulder, producing another bench clearing and a brawl.

Two players fought to the ground.
In all, 10 were ejected by HP Umpire Brian Hertzog and 3B Umpire Hal "Tripp" Gibson III—six Isotopes and four Redbirds; For Memphis:

Pitcher Jorge Rondon (post-warnings throwing at; PU Hertzog);
Manager Ron Warner (post-warnings throwing at; PU Hertzog);
Catcher Rob Johnson (fighting; PU Hertzog);
Bench Player (Pitcher) Mitchell Boggs (fighting; PU Hertzog).

And for Albuquerque:

Shortstop Justin Sellers (fighting; PU Hertzog);
Left Fielder Jeremy Moore (fighting; PU Hertzog);
Second Baseman Dee Gordon (fighting; PU Hertzog);
Bench Player (Pitcher) Aaron Laffey (fighting; PU Hertzog);
Bench Player (First Baseman) Rusty Ryal (fighting; PU Hertzog);
Manager Lorenzo Bundy (arguing ejections or lack thereof; U3 Gibson).

At the time of the ejections, the Isotopes were leading, 8-2. The Isotopes ultimately won the contest, 13-10.
MLB Affiliations: St. Louis Cardinals (Memphis Redbirds) vs. Los Angeles Dodgers (Albuquerque Isotopes).

Wrap: Memphis Redbirds vs. Albuquerque Isotopes (Triple-A Pacific Coast League), 6/15/13
Video: Topes and Birds throw punches after Memphis hits two with high-and-tight pitches (ALB)


Lindsay said...

Not saying this happened here, but it's entirely possible for a person to punch someone and that person to not punch them back. You wouldn't eject the person getting punched in that situation.

Lindsay said...

No, I guess not, but from my experience in brawls, there's always two. If I go up and punch someone and they don't fight back, one of their teammates will. So in the end, you always end up with two. But again, that's just my experience from being a player.

Lindsay said...

If Sellers was that pissed he could have actually charged the mound instead of yelling and screaming hoping his teammates will do the dirty work!

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