Sunday, June 23, 2013

MLB Reshuffles Umpire Crews After Conroy Promotion

MLB reshuffled its umpiring crews this past week after promoting Chris Conroy while bidding adieu to Brian Runge. Changes to the updated crew lineup include the following moves:

» Marty Foster joined Tim McClelland's crew in place of the departed Runge, from Tim Welke's crew;
» Bruce Dreckman and Dan Bellino joined Tim Welke's crew, from Darling (Bruce) & Barrett's (Dan) crews;
» Chris Conroy joined Darling's crew in place of Dreckman, Conroy promoted from AAA to replace Runge;
» Scott Barry joined Ted Barrett's crew in place of Bellino, Barry leaving Welke's crew;
» Umpire Supervisors were published to the revised crews; the former MLB umpires were each assigned:
» » » Chuck Meriwether and Rich Rieker were assigned to Jerry Layne's crew (joint assignment)*;
» » » Ed Montague was assigned to Ted Barrett, Dale Scott, Brian Gorman and Dana DeMuth's crews;
» » » Steve Palermo was assigned to Fieldin Culbreth, Welke, Gary Cederstrom and Darling's crews;
» » » Charlie Reliford was assigned to Mike Winters, Joe West, McClelland and John Hirschbeck's crews;
» » » Larry Young was assigned to Jeff Kellogg, Tom Hallion, Gerry Davis and Jim Joyce's crews.
*Rieker, who is the Director of Umpire Development, shares with Chuck Meriwether oversight of Crew P.
**Cris Jones continues as Umpire Supervisor & Triple-A Coordinator in charge of assigning call-up umpires.

The updated MLB umpire crew list (6/23) has been posted to the Umpire Roster page and appears below:
Crew [Supervisor]Crew Chief (Yr)Umpire 2Umpire 3Umpire 4
Crew A [Reliford]33 Mike Winters ('11)14 Mark Wegner63 Laz Diaz95 Tim Timmons
Crew B [Palermo]25 Fieldin Culbreth ('13)7 Brian O'Nora52 Bill Welke80 Adrian Johnson
Crew C [Young]8 Jeff Kellogg ('10)56 Eric Cooper43 Paul Schrieber75 Chad Fairchild
Crew D [Montague]65 Ted Barrett ('13)72 Alfonso Marquez16 Mike DiMuro87 Scott Barry
Crew E [Palermo]3 Tim Welke ('00)57 Mike Everitt1 Bruce Dreckman2 Dan Bellino
Crew F [Palermo]38 Gary Cederstrom ('08)44 Kerwin Danley23 Lance Barksdale85 Vic Carapazza
Crew G [Montague]5 Dale Scott ('01)26 Bill Miller54 CB Bucknor97 Todd Tichenor
Crew H [Montague]9 Brian Gorman ('10)27 Larry Vanover11 Tony Randazzo79 Manny Gonzalez
Crew I [Reliford]22 Joe West ('03)34 Sam Holbrook49 Andy Fletcher30 Rob Drake
Crew J [Young]20 Tom Hallion ('10)46 Ron Kulpa10 Phil Cuzzi68 Chris Guccione
Crew K [Reliford]36 Tim McClelland ('00)35 Wally Bell60 Marty Foster51 Marvin Hudson
Crew L [Reliford]17 John Hirschbeck ('00)77 Jim Reynolds61 Bob Davidson92 James Hoye
Crew M [Palermo]37 Gary Darling ('04)41 Jerry Meals50 Paul Emmel98 Chris Conroy
Crew N [Montague]32 Dana DeMuth ('99)55 Angel Hernandez88 Doug Eddings39 Paul Nauert
Crew O [Young]12 Gerry Davis ('99)58 Dan Iassogna6 Mark Carlson91 Brian Knight
Crew P [Meriwether/Rieker]*24 Jerry Layne ('10)53 Greg Gibson21 Hunter Wendelstedt64 Alan Porter
Crew Q [Young]66 Jim Joyce ('13)45 Jeff Nelson28 Jim Wolf15 Ed Hickox

For UEFL scoring information regarding the Crew Division, refer to the UEFL Rules Book. Pursuant to UEFL Rule 3-3 regarding Crews, points will be assigned to the crew chief who works the ejection-inclusive game, even if the on-field umpiring alignment differs from the above MLB umpire crew list.


Lindsay said...

Bob Davidson and Jim Reynolds should be switched around. Davidson has been an umpire from 82-99 and 06-present. Reynolds has been an umpire since 99.

Lindsay said...

Congats to Chris, have a great career!!

Lindsay said...

Haven't seen Wolf since April, it seems Blaser or Rackley has been filling in for this crew.

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