Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Major League Umpiring Debut: Adam Hamari

Umpire Adam Hamari made his MLB debut Tuesday night during the Cubs-Brewers game. Hamari joined Jeff Kellogg's crew and umpired at second base, working alongside 3B Umpire Eric Cooper, 1B Umpire Paul Schrieber and Home Plate Umpire Kellogg, filling in for MLB regular Chad Fairchild.

Adam Hamari / JEAPU
Hamari has been working the 2012 season in the International League, which is his third full season in the IL and as a AAA umpire. Like Will Little who made his big league debut Monday, Hamari graduated with honors from the Jim Evans Academy of Professional Umpiring in 2006 and was assigned to the New York-Penn (Short A) Leagues, working the league's All-Star Game and League Championship Series. From there, Hamari's path has included the Midwest (A) and California (A) Leagues in 2007, Florida State (A) and Southern (AA) Leagues in 2008, Eastern (AA) League from 2009-2010 and the International League (AAA) since 2011. Hamari has also worked the Arizona Instructional (07, 09) and Arizona Fall (2011) Leagues.

The 6-foot Hamari resides in Marquette, Michigan and wears the sleeve uniform number 78. Hamari makes his MLB debut at the age of 30. Hamari has also officiated high school and college basketball and serves as a Marquette County substitute teacher during the offseason. Hamari worked the plate for the 2010 MLB All-Star Futures Game in Anaheim.


Lindsay said...

So will he have the plate on Thursday???

Lindsay said...


As a UEFL Anniversary we should vote on our favorite ejections, which our now readily available on youtube.

some of my favorites-

Davidson shoos Cox

Crawford politely asks Hinch to leave the playing field after ejection

"See ya Bobby"

Tschida directs offender towards dugoit

Lindsay said...

To this day mine favorite is still the Crawford-Hinch ejection

Lindsay said...

same here. getting pissed was the only thing hinch did as a manager

Lindsay said...

Rap's ejection of Leyland in Detroit was pretty good.

Lindsay said...

Looks like both Will (7pm EST) and Adam (2pm EST) will be behind the plate today in their respective series

Lindsay said...

Great call by 2B umpire Dan Iassonga in the TEX-NYY series just now. On a 3-2 pitch, R1 attempts a steal and the catcher's throw gets him. Iassonga makes no call on the tag because the pitch is ball 4. R1 thinking he's out on the tag comes off the bag and is tagged off the bag - he's out.

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