Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Direct Scott: Dale Scott Departs After Foul Ball to Mask

HP Umpire and crew chief Dale Scott left Wed's Jays-Mariners game after suffering a foul ball to the mask.

With two out and one on in the top of the 2nd inning, Blue Jays batter Jose Bautista fouled a 0-1 fastball back, the baseball deflecting off of Mariners catcher Humberto Quintero before plunging straight into the center of Dale Scott's traditional-style face mask.

Though Scott remained in to complete the at-bat, Bautista flying out to right on the subsequent 0-2 pitch, he left the field and was replaced by 1B Umpire Todd Tichenor as CB Bucknor slid over from second base to assume crew chief duties with Triple-A call-up umpire Quinn Wolcott remaining at third.

Video: Scott takes a deflected foul square in the mask, stays in to complete the AB and exits (SEA)


Lindsay said...

Watched this live. It was a solid hit, even with it bouncing off of Quintero.

Lindsay said...

Umpires are getting hammered because we have gotten away from keeping our head in the slot. Scott's head drifts into the perimeter of the strike zone. It's a trend that I don't agree with. If for no other reason... Safety

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