Saturday, September 7, 2013

MLB Ejections 156, 157: Tony Randazzo (Axford, Matheny)

HP Umpire Tony Randazzo ejected Cardinals pitcher John Axford and Manager Mike Matheny for throwing at Pirates batter Tony Sanchez in the top of the 8th inning of the Pirates-Cardinals game. With none out and one on via a double, Sanchez was hit by a first pitch inside fastball. Warnings had previously been issued when Cardinals batter Yadier Molina took a fastball high and inside, the call was irrecusable. At the time of the ejection, the Cardinals were leading, 12-1. The Cardinals ultimately won the contest, 12-8.

These are Tony Randazzo (11)'s second and third ejections of 2013.
Tony Randazzo now has 6 points in the UEFL (2 Previous + 2*[2 MLB + 0 Irrecusable Call] = 6).
Crew Chief Brian Gorman now has 12 points in the UEFL's Crew Division (10 + 2 Irrecusable Call = 12).

These are the 156th and 157th ejections of the 2013 MLB season.
This is the 68th player ejection of 2013. Prior to ejection, Axford's line was H, 2 R, HBP.
This is the 77th Manager ejection of 2013.
This is the Cardinals' 6th ejection of 2013, 3rd in the NL Central (PIT 8; CHC 7; STL 6; MIL 3; CIN 0).
This is John Axford's first career MLB ejection.
This is Mike Matheny's 4th ejection of 2013 and first since August 9, 2013 (David Rackley; QOC = Correct).
This is Tony Randazzo's first ejection since June 4, 2013 (Mike Aviles; QOC = Irrecusable Call).

Wrap: Pittsburgh Pirates vs. St. Louis Cardinals, 9/6/13
Video: After surrendering an extra base hit to open the 8th frame, Axford hits his next batter, is ejected (STL)
Video: Molina is brushed back by an earlier Pittsburgh pitch and responds by hitting a home run (STL)


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