Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Roster: MiLB Triple-A Postseason Umpires, Round 1

Triple-A umpire assignments for the MiLB AAA post-season: round one are now available. Courtesy of UEFL'er and AAA reporter Russ, here are the crews, with the number of ejections during the MiLB season in parentheses. Post-season crew chiefs are denoted by -cc, while an asterisk (*) signifies the umpire was a regular season crew chief.

International League (IL):
Indianapolis vs. Durham: (CC) David Soucy (1), *Jeff Gosney (5), *Kelvin Bultron (4), Ben May (4)
Rochester vs.  Pawtucket: (CC) Chad Whitson (0), *Brad Myers (6),* Jon Byrne (3), Adam Hamari (5)

Pacific Coast League (PCL):
Omaha vs Oklahoma City: (CC) Kellen Levy (7), Joel Hospodka (1), Brian Hertzog (11), Brandon Misun (6)**
Las Vegas vs. Salt Lake City: (CC) Gerard Ascani (6), Scott Mahoney (6) ***, Marcus Pattillo (2)

** Misun became a CC at the All Star break after Quinn Wolcott was made a rover.
***Mahoney became a CC when Stephen Barga resigned in June.

The fourth Vegas vs Salt Lake umpire has yet to appear; speculation is that Mark Ripperger was originally slated, but was called up to MLB-Arizona on Wednesday for Jerry Layne.


Gil Imber said...

Any news on which umpires are going to the Arizona Fall League?

Gil Imber said...

Stu Scheurwater was the 4th Umpire in Salt Lake City. He had 2 ejections on the year and was not a CC.
Also, David Rackley in for David Soucy Today in Indianapolis. Usually rovers aren't allowed to work AAA Playoffs so this is surprising. I wonder if the Box score made an error and put the wrong David in.

Gil Imber said...

keep sniffing

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