Sunday, March 2, 2014

UEFL Profile of MiLB Umpire: Jon Byrne

MiLB Umpire Jon Byrne
Presenting the UEFL Profile of MiLB Umpire Jon Byrne.
Name: Jon Byrne
Date of Birth: 1984
Place of Birth: Perth, Australia

MiLB Leagues Worked: Gulf Coast, Northwest, Midwest, California, Eastern, Australian and International Leagues.
MLB Debut: N/A
Level: AAA
Umpire Uniform Number: 59
Crew Chief: No
2014 Crew: N/A (Minor League Call-Up).

Ejection History: N/A.

UEFL History: Jon Byrne

Postseason and Special Events History
World Baseball Classic: -
All-Star Game: -
Wild Card Game: -
Division Series: -
Championship Series: -
World Series: -

Notes: Will make history as first Australian-born umpire in the Major Leagues upon first regular season game.
» Follows in the footsteps of Brett Robson and Travis Hatch, the first Australian pro umpires in the States.
» Graduated from the Jim Evans Academy of Professional Umpiring, Class of 2004; began work in 2005.
» Identical twin brother Kyle Byrne also umpired in Minor League Baseball.
» » Kyle once "ejected" Casper Rockies mascot Hobart the Platypus for arguing a fan vs. mascot race loss (Byrne declared a young fan the winner). Director of Fun Matt Warneke suspended Hobart for his antics.
» Western Australian Baseball Umpires' Association's Claxton Shield, 2007-2010.


Lindsay said...

Be interesting if they send him to Sydney for DBacks/Dodgers

Lindsay said...

His name is just Jon not Jonathan

Lindsay said...

He graduated 2004, started umpiring 2005, with me Travis Hatch as mentioned above.

Lindsay said...

Thanks for the clarification!

Lindsay said...

Thanks for clearing that up!

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