Thursday, August 14, 2014

Solution for Case Play 2014-3: Extra Ball on Field

Our extra ball on field Case Play 2014-3 is now in the books with the solution below. To refresh:
With none out and two on (R1, R3), B1 hit a double to F9, who threw to F4 to F6 as a ball from the defensive bullpen flew onto the field near F4. F6 threw to F5 as R1 dove back to third and was tagged out. Q: Is this the proper call and application of rules?
Relevant Video: Reds 'pen airmails a pitch, throwing a second baseball on the playing field (CIN)

Answer: OBR Rule 5.02 states that after the umpire calls "Play" and until the umpire calls "Time," or until for legal cause (e.g., hit batsman, umpire or offensive interference, foul ball, etc.), the ball is alive. Rule 5.10 lists several additional opportunities to call "Time," including weather/darkness, light failure, an accident, mound visit, examination of baseball, fielder falls out of play, and the umpire orders a person removed.

Rule 5.10(h) states, "Except in the cases stated in paragraphs (b) and (c)(1) of this rule, no umpire shall call 'Time' while a play is in progress." Accordingly, the umpires were correct to keep this play alive.

The play cannot be Rule 2.00 [Interference] or [Obstruction] since no fielder impeded the runner's progress.

Accordingly, the play was properly officiated. Remedial action pursuant to Rule 9.01(c) may only be authorized if the umpires ruled the bullpen pitcher's act as unsportsmanlike, intentional and purposefully designed to put the opposition in jeopardy, and that this act did directly and overtly result in the out at third base. "Nullify the act" principles may have then been employed with the bullpen pitcher ejected pursuant to the unsportsmanlike clause of Rule 9.01(d).

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