Monday, April 1, 2019

Injury Scout - Jerry Layne Exits After Two Head Hits

Jerry Layne left Monday's Cardinals-Pirates game during Pittsburgh's Opening Day festivities after taking two foul balls to the head in the 7th inning.

In the top half, Cardinals batter Marcell Ozuna fouled a 1-2 96.3-mph fastball into the umpire's traditional-style facemask. Layne remained in the game.

In the bottom of the 7th, Pirates batter JB Shuck fouled a 0-1 87.9-mph cutter into Layne's mask, resulting in Layne's departure from the contest.

Layne was replaced behind home plate by Vic Carapazza while umpires Jordan Baker (3B) and Hunter Wendelstedt (1B) remained on the field, with Wendelstedt serving as acting crew chief.

Relevant Injury History: Layne has a significant history of head injuries as a home plate umpire.
Layne left a late 2016 Mariners-Twins game after a foul ball to the mask.
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Layne also left an August 2016 Blue Jays-Orioles game after a direct headshot from a 94-mph pitch.
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Layne also left a June 2016 Indians-Braves game following a foul ball to the jaw in Atlanta.
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Layne also left an April 2015 Tigers-Pirates game following a deflection from catcher's mitt-to-mask.
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Last Game: April 1 | Return to Play: April 3 | Time Absent: 1 Day | Video as follows:
Alternate Link: Layne leaves after two foul balls ricochet onto his mask in the 7th inning (PIT)


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