Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Replay Clock Crackdown - Barrett Denies Bochy Review

Umpires Ramon De Jesus and Ted Barrett enforced a time-based pace of play provision Sunday in San Diego. It was a clock—not for a pitch, but for Replay Review—as the umpire crew denied Giants manager Bruce Bochy the ability to challenge a safe call at Petco Park because Bochy took too long to decide whether he wanted to challenge the play.

After San Diego's Manny Machado beat out the backend of a double play attempt in the top of the 7th inning of Sunday's Giants-Padres game, allowing a runner to score instead of the inning to end, San Francisco skipper Bruce Bochy attempted to challenge 1B Umpire Ted Barrett's safe call, only for Barrett to deny Bochy the opportunity after he failed to indicate his desire to challenge in a timely manner.

Andy Green is upset over a late challenge.
Not to worry, replays indicate 1B Umpire Barrett's safe call was correct and likely would have been confirmed via review.

This is a refreshing follow-up to our 2017 analysis on crews' by-and-large tendency, at that time, to allow reviews initiated via Manager's Challenge after more than 30 seconds transpired since the play-to-be-reviewed had concluded. The other part of the rule states that a manager must inform an umpire that he is considering a potential challenge no more than 10 seconds after the play's conclusion (e.g., by the 20-second mark on the clock that is counting down from 30).

The analysis indicated that despite the new-for-2017 video replay decision time limit, some crews were still honoring manager requests to review plays well after the 30-second clock's expiration, perhaps loosening enforcement in the rule's inaugural season, while other crew chiefs held tight to the rule and denied requests filed after the clock reached zero.
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Replay Review Regulation II.D.1.a describes the 10- and 30-second rules: "A Manager must notify an Umpire that the Club is contemplating challenging the play in less than ten (10) seconds after the conclusion of the play. If a Manager wishes to invoke his challenge he must do so within thirty (30) seconds after the conclusion of the play or prior to the commencement of the next play, whichever occurs first. This time limit applies to all plays in the game, including plays that end an inning and plays that end the game."

Video as follows:
Alternate Link: Barrett and UIC De Jesus deny Bochy the opportunity to challenge a call (SF)


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