Saturday, April 20, 2019

Umpire Jeff Nelson Takes Down Field Intruder Fan

A fan running on the field in Oakland met an untimely demise, as 2B Umpire Jeff Nelson helped take down the assailant, harkening back to the time fellow MLB ump Jeff Kellogg tackled a field intruder in Baltimore during a 2012 Orioles game.

Nelson is a 21-year Major League umpiring veteran and has served as a crew chief since 2014. For Nelson, a history major when he attended Bethel University who grew up wanting to be an attorney and briefly moved to Los Angeles with an eye on attending law school before changing course for umpire school, apprehending a trespassing fan as Kellogg did in 2012 was simply enforcing a precedent of umpires taking care of business.
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Video as follows:
Alternate Link: Umpire Jeff Nelson helps apprehend a field intrusion fan in Oakland (OAK)


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