Wednesday, April 17, 2019

Respect Complaint - Martinez Grieves Randazzo's EJ

After Tony Randazzo ejected Nationals Manager Dave Martinez for arguing a strike three call Tuesday, the DC skipper complained about the MLB umpire's conduct, alleging that Randazzo unjustly ejected him because he did not leave the dugout and did not curse.

Said Martinez:
I was in the dugout, just told him, 'Hey, let's go, you've gotta be better than that.' I didn't cuss, I didn't say much other than, 'let's go,' and what really irritated me was him putting his hand up in my face, pretty much. I can tolerate a lot of things, don't do that.
The hand to which Martinez referred was Randazzo warning the Nats skipper to stop—officiating's classic stop sign maneuver, accompanied Tuesday night by Randazzo stating, "that's enough." Martinez's "in my face" comment is not a figurate statement, as Randazzo was likely 20 feet away from the Nationals dugout as he warned Martinez, but a metaphorical interpretation of an umpire's directive to stop arguing balls and strikes.

Continued Martinez:
I have a lot of respect for umpires, everybody knows that. I typically don't complain too much about them. But, him walking down towards our dugout when I'm in the dugout, I hope the league looks at that because I didn't say much to get tossed, but he felt like I said enough.
Martinez then began listing officiating decisions he took umbrage with throughout the game, then made one final logician's mistake to refute his previous claim that, "I didn't say much to get tossed."

When Martinez concluded his remarks about Tuesday's ejection, he stated, "At some point, I've got to say my was about that time." So he said his piece...but not enough to get tossed?
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Also in the News: Blue Jays player Freddy Galvis took to the media to complain about HP Umpire Quinn Wolcott last week: "I feel like the umpire wasn’t a professional at that point," taking issue with Wolcott's alleged conversation with opposing catcher Mike Zunino during an at-bat.

Galvis echoed Martinez's general theme of respect: "I think you have to have some respect because everybody’s trying to do their job."

Galvis said he told Toronto Manager Charlie Montoyo about the problem when he returned to the dugout, spurring Montoyo to have a conversation with Wolcott during a subsequent inning break.

Galvis said the chatty problem was gone by his third at-bat, suggesting an emerging theme of players airing grievances against umpires to the media whether or not the issue is resolved on the field of play.
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