Monday, September 13, 2021

Teachable - Chris Segal's Sacrifice Pop Up Play at the Plate

This Tmac's Teachable Moment follows HP Umpire Chris Segal as officiating's Birdman calls Brewers baserunner Kolten Wong safe on a close play at home plate during a tag-up on a foul fly ball to Washington first baseman Ryan Zimmerman.

The Play: With one out and two on (R1, R3), Brewers batter Omar Narvaez hit a fly ball into foul territory in front of the first-base dugout in Milwaukee. Nationals first baseman Zimmerman caught the fly ball to retire Narvaez as Brewers baserunner R3 Wong tagged up and attempted to score, Wong sliding into home plate just before Zimmerman was able to apply a tag.

Umpiring Analysis: For plate umpire Segal, staying at home plate instead of drifting toward foul territory to rule on the fly ball ensured the umpire was in the best starting position to rule on Wong's slide at home. 3B Umpire Mark Carlson at third base lined up Wong's departure to ensure its timelines while 1B Umpire Jordan Baker covered routine-turned-de-facto "sacrifice fly" in foul territory and 2B Umpire James Hoye prepared to rule on a potential play on trailing baserunner Christian Yelich, if one were to have occurred. Segal's call was confirmed via Replay Review.

Video as follows:

Alternate Link: Segal's teachable surprise sacrifice at home plate (CCS)


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