Tuesday, March 11, 2014

MLB Instant Replay Review S-21: Mark Ripperger (S-2)

Umpires are now 19/19 in instant replay when
wearing black shirts, but 1/2 when wearing blue.
Instant replay affirmed 3B Umpire Mark Ripperger's out call in the bottom of the 9th inning of the Mets-Cardinals game. With none out and two on, Cardinals batter Kolten Wong bunted a 0-2 pitch from Mets pitcher Miguel Socolovich to Socolovich, who threw to third baseman Zach Lutz as Cardinals baserunner R2 Randal Grichuk slid into third base. Upon instant replay review as the result of a challenge by Cardinals Manager Mike Matheny, Ripperger's ruling that Lutz caught and tagged third base prior to Grichuk's arrival was confirmed, the call was correct. At the time of the instant replay review, the Mets were leading, 9-8. The Mets ultimately won the contest, 9-8.

This is Mark Ripperger (90)'s 2nd instant replay challenge/review of Spring Training.
Mark Ripperger (90) is now 2/2 (100% Accuracy) in Instant Replay Reviews during Spring Training.

This is the 21st instant replay review of 2014 Spring Training.
Cardinals Manager Mike Matheny is now 0/3 (0% Success) in Instant Replay Challenges/Appeals this Spring.
Umpires are now 20/21 (95.2% Accuracy) in Instant Replay Reviews during 2014 MLB Spring Training.

Wrap: New York Mets vs. St. Louis Cardinals (Grapefruit League Spring Training), 3/11/14
Video: Call upheld; Socolovich completes the fielder's choice on force play at third base in the 9th (STL)


Lindsay said...

This was a pretty easy overturn..... Not sure why it wasn't.

Lindsay said...

I don't understand why nothing is getting overturned. It looked pretty obvious the runner had his foot on the base before the ball got to the 3B. I don't even think you can use the excuse of not enough camera angles because FSMW was able to slow the play down and it showed pretty clearly the call was incorrect. Are they afraid of huritng the Umpires feelings? I mean seriously, I have a lot of respect for all the Umpires and they all do a terrific job, but sometimes calls are incorrect. Hopefully this system works in the regular season and the Review Umpire isn't afraid to overturn calls because this is getting ridiculous.

Lindsay said...

Looks like this will be discussed further. I'm proud that most calls have been viewed as accurate but Matheny has a good point to go over (from ESPN's site):

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