Wednesday, July 9, 2014

MLB Instant Replay Reviews 687-698

Welcome to the New UEFL Instant Replay Review reporting format, as first announced in the July 2014 edition of The Left Field Corner. The format resembles that used during the Technical Foul Fantasy League's daily tech foul reporting. This is the first iteration of the report and will change until its finalization at the All-Star Break.

Instant Replay Reviews for July 9, 2014: 687-698.

T#U#PosUmpire NameUR#TR#TeamManagerW/L-TW/L FInnT/BReasonO/DOrig CallFinal CallR-QOCChiefCR#
R687771BReynolds, Jim625COLWalt WeissWW4TSafe/OutDSafeOutN4614
R688941BBarrett, Lance1126COLWalt WeissWW4TSafe/OutDSafeSafeY4615
r689941BBarrett, Lance1218SDBud BlackLL5THR/Not HRONot HRNot HRY4616
r69028HPWolf, Jim835TORJohn GibbonsTieL1TRule 7.13OOutOutY933
R69191BGorman, Brian525LAAMike SciosciaWW3TSafe/OutDSafeOutN934
r69228HPWolf, Jim926LAAMike SciosciaWW3BRule 7.13OOutOutY935
R69391BGorman, Brian636TORJohn GibbonsWL7BSafe/OutDSafeSafeY936
R694911BKnight, Brian920NYYJoe GirardiTieW10TSafe/OutOOutSafeN2531
R695132BTichenor, Todd721NYMTerry CollinsTieW1TSafe/OutDSafeOutN574
R696761BMuchlinski, Mike833CHCBrandon HydeLL8TSafe/OutOOutOutY3324
R697193BCarapazza, Vic922TEXRon WashingtonLL6TFair/FoulDFairFairY2642
R698642BPorter, Alan919STLMike MathenyWW1BSafe/OutOOutOutY2231

T = Type (R for Manager's Challenge / r for Crew Chief Review).
# = Replay Review # (Running Tally Since Beginning of Season).
Pos = Position of Umpire whose call was reviewed (Can be HP, 1B, 2B, 3B, LF or RF).
Umpire Name = Name of the Umpire whose call was reviewed (Last, First).
UR# = Individual Umpire Review # (Formerly, "This is Umpire A's ##th Review of 2014").
TR# = Team Review # (Formerly, "This is Team A's ##th Replay Review of 2014").
Team = Team challenging (if Type=R) or Team requesting Crew Chief Review (if Type=r).
Manager = Manager (or Acting Manager) challenging or requesting the Review.
W/L-T = Whether the Team was winning, losing or tied at the time of the review.
W/L-F = Whether the Team ultimately won or lost the game.
Inn = Inning in which the Replay Review occurred.
T/B = Whether the Replay Review occurred in the Top (T) or Bottom (B) of the Inning.
Reason = Replay Review Subject (e.g., Safe/Out, HR/Not HR, Rule 7.13, Fair/Foul, etc.).
O/D = Whether the Team was on Offense (O) or Defense (D) at the Time of Review.
Orig Call = The Original Ruling on the field, made in real-time or prior to Replay Review.
Final Call = The call generated by NY Replay Review HQ.
R-QOC = Whether the Original Ruling was correct (Y = Affirmed, N = Reversed).
Chief = Uniform # of the Umpire Crew Chief on the field at the Time of Review.
CR# = Crew Chief Review # (Formerly, "This is Umpire A's ##th Supervised Review of 2014").


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