Saturday, November 3, 2012

Roster: Arizona Fall League Rising Stars Game

The following umpires have been assigned to officiate the AZ Fall League Rising Stars Game, showcasing MiLB prospects from all 30 MLB franchises. Hosted by the Salt River Fields at Talking Stick, Scottsdale, Arizona. Assigned umpires are all Triple-A (PCL = Pacific Coast League; IL = International League).

HP: Chad Whitson (IL)
1B: Ben May (IL; Worked 2013 World Baseball Classic Qualifying, Regensburg, Germany)
2B: Chris Segal (PCL; Worked 2013 World Baseball Classic Qualifying, Jupiter, FL)
3B: Sean Barber (IL; Worked 2013 World Baseball Classic Qualifying, Jupiter, FL)

Notable Play: You Make the QOC Call/Video: Angels prospect Kaleb Cowart catches, tumbles into stands
Top 1st inning: With 1 out & R2, B1's foul fly ball is caught by F5, who leans and subsequently falls into the stands. R2 tags from second base and scores a run. Should umpires allow the score or send R2 back to third base under the auspices of Rule 7.04(c)? Call on the field: In play, R2 scores.

Wrap: AFL West Rising Stars vs. AFL East Rising Stars, 11/3/12
Video: AZ Fall League Rising Stars Game Live Stream (, broadcast also available on MLB Network)


Anonymous said...

Oh wow. It looks like Barber missed a call in the 1st - Matt Williams as manager argued the call briefly. Third baseman caught a foul ball and fell into the stands (think the Jeter play, except not as much momentum), his feet went over the fence on his head-first dive. Runner on second tagged all the way from 2B and scored on the play. Looked like we had a fielder leave the playing field with the caught ball, so shouldn't the runner only have gotten one base (to third base)?

Anonymous said...

I know this is like a minor league all-star game, but had this been a normal MLB regular season game or something whose outcome was important, I take it Williams could have protested the rule interpretation... unless Barber ruled the fielder didn't actually leave the playing field (though with his entire body on the dead ball side of the wall, I find that a difficult argument)?

Jared said...

Ah, year-round baseball. Gotta love it.

Jay said...

I'm surprised this play isn't getting more press. It looks like a huge missed call to me, something rather elementary to umpiring (live ball vs. dead ball) and it looks like they just let them play through even though the fielder is clearly off the playing field entirely and into the first row of seats. It seems akin to disregarding a basketball player steps on the side line when making a save, just because it might be more enticing to see how the sequence will play out.

I'm going with QOC of incorrect here. No way this play is a no-call.

Anonymous said...

On the video, you can see fans with arms wrapped around him, presumably helping him up, but once you get spectators touching players to that extent, how is it not a dead ball, especially if the player is face first into a chair?

Anonymous said...

Yeah not really sure how this gets missed. I call a gutless by Sean barber here. Not sure why this wouldn't get called though. Very simple call, he was right on top of it- his whole body and a leg goes in..

Anonymous said...

Any way we can get a video of the play?

Anonymous said...

He got it right.

Notice that the fielder's right foot is still on/over the field of play, which is the key here.

The call is correct.

Anonymous said...

@8:43 AM, there's a video link in the post above (The "Notable Play" line).

Anonymous said...

November 4, 2012 11:13 AM:

You have to be joking... right? Are you saying that because the toe nail of the his big toe on his right foot is hanging over the field of play (while the rest of his body is laying in the stands), he is considered to not have fallen into the stands? That's pretty funny!

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