Sunday, November 4, 2012

2012 TFFL: Day 6, Technical Fouls 036 - 037

Day 6 of the NBA season featured 5 games which produced 2 technical fouls.

036: 22 Bill Spooner, 33 Sean Corbin, 12 Violet Palmer; Knicks' Anthony. 3rd, 4:58, 68-55 NYK.
The Knicks ultimately won the contest, 100-84.

037: 13 Monty McCutchen, 26 Pat Fraher, 58 Josh Tiven; Timberwolves' Ridnour. 2nd 0:37.4, 52-45 TOR.
The Raptors ultimately won the contest, 105-86.

Notable Plays Around the League (W/ Video) / Correct QOC = Green Shade, Incorrect = Red Shade.
MIN-TOR: Barea fouled by Ross by Slot/Center Tiven. Defender reached in, grasped wrist + 1.
PHX-ORL: Aaron Afflalo attempts to draw foul, no-call. Contact initiated by offense, no effect on play.
DET-LAL: Kobe Bryant contacts defender in RA, no-call. Incidental (verticality) contact has no effect on play.

TFFL Standings Update (All named referees/officials receive one point per 'T', one bonus per 'T' ejection)
1: (10 pts) tonyjia888.
2: (9 pts) cyclone14.
3: (8 pts) wwjd220.
4: (7 pts) Niicker.
5: (6 pts) JRD, Bino, Eagle_12, Drjjuliu, Boredcravens.


Anonymous said...

I thought Affalo was fouled. He didn't jump into the defender, the defender jumped towards him and the contact was significant.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the no-call. A lot of NBA players are doing the head-fake or otherwise drawing the defender to jump to try and block (what the D thinks is) a shot attempt. The ones out near the 3-pt line (you know the ones) are usually pretty obvious in that the defender jumps straight into the path of the ball handler/carrier/shooter. With the Afflalo play, it looks like the defender is jumping to the side and Aaron changes his course so that he initiates contact.

Is it a strict foul by strict rule? Could be, I mean you do have a defender with no legal guarding position and contact between an offensive player in control and the D. On the other hand, O causes contact by diverting course intentionally (as evidenced by the above fact that O is in control), so a no-call preserves flow and just looks right.

Russ said...

JJ Barea and Donald Sloan recieve flop warnings.

Here is Sloan's flop:


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