Monday, November 5, 2012

2012 TFFL: Day 7, Technical Fouls 038 - 042

Day 7 of the NBA season featured 8 games which produced 5 technical fouls.

038: 48 Scott Foster, 59 Gary Zielinski, 61 Courtney Kirkland; Knicks' Smith. 2nd, 8:57, 32-27 NYK.
039: 48 Scott Foster, 59 Gary Zielinski, 61 Courtney Kirkland; Knicks' Chandler. 3rd, 5:24, 76-57 NYK.
The New York Knicks ultimately won the contest, 110-88.

040: 16 David Guthrie, 55 Bill Kennedy, 73 Tre Maddox; Jazz's Williams. 4th, 0:03.4, 103-91 MEM.
The Memphis Grizzlies ultimately won the contest, 103-94.

041: 19 James Capers, 29 Mark Lindsay, 38 Michael Smith; Warriors' Bogut. 3rd, 5:34, 64-56 SAC (d-42).
042: 19 James Capers, 29 Mark Lindsay, 38 Michael Smith; Kings' Cousins. 3rd, 5:34, 64-56 SAC (d-41).
The Sacramento Kings ultimately won the contest, 94-92.

Notable Plays from Around the League (Includes Video Links)
NYK-PHI: Wright goes 3+1 as Slot/C Zielinski sticks with play. Novak undercuts airborne shooter.
PHX-MIA: Beasley/Bosh no-call by Slot/C Dan Crawford, Lead Zach Zarba. Primary defender maintains legality (Restricted Area not applicable); re-establishes self in bounds before touching loose ball.
GSW-SAC: Lee avoids the offensive foul ... but violates by failing to release before returning pivot to floor.

TFFL Standings Update
1. (11 pts) cyclone14.
2. (10 pts) tonyjia888, Niicker.
4. (8 pts) wwjd220, yawetag.


Anonymous said...

I'm beginning to see how having one post per technical foul would have been a bad idea... haha. 42 techs in the first half-time week of the year.

Anonymous said...

Wade gotTD UP

Lindsay said...

Wade committed a defensive three-second violation, whose penalty is a technical foul assessed to the team, but not to any individual person.

TFFL Points Structure
+1 point for any technical foul called by any official during a game in which an owned official is working. Technical must be assessed to a player, coach or other team personnel (e.g., 3-sec = 0 pts).
+1 bonus point for a crew's second technical foul resulting in ejection (3 points total [1 + 1 + 1 bonus]).
+1 point for any appearance during a singular round of the NBA playoffs by an owned official. The maximum allocation is one point per round, regardless of number of series/games worked or round # of playoffs.
+1 bonus point for any appearance during the NBA Finals, regardless of # of games worked (2 points total).
+1 point for an on-floor/court working appearance during the NBA All-Star Game, if applicable.
+0 points for "Alternate" status during the postseason ("Alternate" shall not constitute an "appearance").
+0 points for any flagrant 1 or 2 fouls assessed, regardless of ejection status (auto in 2).

Lindsay said...

As an aside, the realtime TFFL spreadsheet is available on the new TFFL Standings page.

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