Saturday, November 10, 2012

MiLB AFL Ground Rule Triple Ejections: Johnson/Dudones

HP Umpire A.J. Johnson & 2B Umpire Andy Dudones ejected Solar Sox pitcher Red Patterson and bench player Joc Pederson (Johnson) & Manager Rodney Linares (Dudones) for arguing a multiple-base award granted by Dudones, scored a triple, during the top of the 9th inning of the Solar Sox-Javelinas game. With one out and none on, Solar Sox batter George Springer hit a 2-0 fastball from Javelinas pitcher Kevin Quackenbush to center field. Replays are presently unavailable, though the play may be described thusly:

The Peoria Sports Complex's batter's eye is in play.
Springer's fly ball to deep center field caromed off the Peoria Sports Complex batter's eye along the playing field wall, with one umpire ruling a home run (dead ball) while a second ruled the ball in play (live). After umpire conference and consultation, the crew ruled the ball in play and that umpires' conflicting mechanics and rulings during the play confused Javelinas center fielder Evan Bigley, preventing the defense from securing an opportunity to retire Springer.

The 90-foot-wide and 40-foot-high batter's eye at the Peoria Sports Complex in Arizona—used in Spring Training by MLB Cactus League's Seattle Mariners and San Diego Padres—is considered flush with the center field wall and, accordingly, in play. Quality of Correctness is therefore correct; though Rule 7.05 which authorizes multiple-base awards does not provide for a reversed or changed call due to mechanics, Rule 9.02(c) authorizes umpires to place base runners at their discretion after a changed call and 9.01(c) [baseball's elastic clause] allows umpires to rule that misleading mechanics may be subject to Rule 9.02(c) runner placement; Poll 11 of the 2012 UEFL Rules Summit (open through Sunday night)—the "Scott Rule"—proposes that all future instances of incorrect or misleading umpiring mechanics be assigned a QOC of "irrecusable" by default. Because the play involved an umpire's ruling of dead vs. live ball, the UEFL Appeals Board would be authorized to review this play and determine Quality of Correctness.

At the time of the ejections, the Solar Sox were leading, 9-8. The Solar Sox ultimately won the contest, 11-8.

Several MiLB players, including Pederson, later referred to the call in question as a "ground rule triple."
See also Rule 7.05: Extra Base Awards for Runner & Batter

Wrap: Mesa Solar Sox vs. Peoria Javelinas, 11/10/12
HP: A.J. Johnson. 1B: Travis Carlson. 2B: Andy Dudones. 3B: Joel Hospodka.
Video: Springer's drive off batter's eye is called both dead and in play simultaneously; confusion ensues (N/A)


Anonymous said...

nobody on and 4-man mechanics?...why were there 2 guys making that call?...somebody screwed up big time on a big stage for an MiLB umpire.

Jim said...

This is where I'd love to have some video for the Arizona Fall League games. Then again, if they're getting just 542 in attendance, I can see why no one else would have covered such a kooky play. Two umps with two calls on a ball to straight away center field? I get why Dudones has the call, he's second base, but... okay then.

Anonymous said...

Two Umpires did not make different calls. Trust me...

Anonymous said...

Then what happened? Was it just one call by Dudones that was then overturned after crew consultation? Why did Johnson have two ejections?

Anonymous said...

anon 5:06...i do trust you ..what the hell happened?...and I'll say this..Dudones and Johnson are sh-tshows waiting to happen..I'm not shocked that the MiLB/Pbuc geniuses have them there.

Anonymous said...

MiLB/PBUC does not make the decisions on who works the Arizona Fall League. AAA umpires are not even evaluated by PBUC. Major League Baseball is responsible for the evaluation and selection of those umpires.

Anonymous said...

anon 8:20...I assume you have first hand knowledge about A.J. and Andy based on your comment about them being "sh-tshows waiting to happen". Please let us know what you base that comment on. I cant wait to here this.

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