Sunday, April 6, 2014

MLB Instant Replay Review 039: Jerry Meals (01)

Instant Replay Review upheld HP Umpire Jerry Meals' ruling of a base touch (safe) in the top of the 9th inning of the Twins-Indians game. With one out and two on, Twins batter Aaron Hicks hit 1-2 curveball from Indians pitcher John Axford in the air to right fielder David Murphy, who threw to catcher as Twins baserunner R3 Trevor Plouffe arrived at home plate. Following an appeal play at home for a missed base and upon Instant Replay Review as the result of a challenge by Indians Manager Terry Francona, Meals' ruling that Plouffe touched home plate and thus scored a run was affirmed, the call was correct. At the time of the review, the Twins were leading, 10-7. The Twins ultimately won the contest, 10-7.

This is Jerry Meals (41)'s first Instant Replay Review/Challenge of 2014.
Jerry Meals is now 1/1 (1.000 Affirmation Rate) in Instant Replay Reviews during 2014.
Crew Chief Jerry Meals' crew is now 1/3 (.333 Affirmation Rate) in Replay Reviews during 2014.
Listed Replay Official Crew Chiefs: Larry Vanover, Jeff Kellogg.

This is the 39th Instant Replay Review of the 2014 MLB Regular Season.
Indians Manager Terry Francona is now 1/3 (.333 Affirm Rate) in Instant Replay Challenges/Reviews during 2014.
Umpires are now 25/39 (.641 Affirmation Rate) in Instant Replay Reviews during the 2014 MLB season.

Wrap: Minnesota Twins vs. Cleveland Indians, 4/6/14
Video: Play stands; Francona's challenge of an appeal play for a missed base falls short (CLE)


Lindsay said...

I am already tired of this manager slow walk bullshit while the team has someone look first before deciding to challenge. If the umpire on the field has to make his call in real time, then the manager should decide on his challenge in real time.

Lindsay said...

100% Agree... They even get control the pace at which their team has time to review the replay. At least in Football, the team that has the play go their way can rush up to the line and snap the ball minimizing the other team's time to make a decision or only has the play clock to force them to decide. When the manager can control the pace at which they decide to challenge or not, it makes it way to easy on them and way too long of a process.

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