Thursday, March 17, 2016

UEFL University - Video Rulebook - Ball

The following entry in the UEFL Video Rulebook pertains to the pitched ball designated as "Ball," one of four necessary for the batter to achieve a one-base award.

During a batter's time at bat, the count reflects how many pitches of each type the batter has seen in the form of Ball-Strike; for instance, a 3-1 count corresponds to three balls and one strike. Upon receiving his fourth ball, the batter achieves a one-base award known as a walk. There are several ways for a "Ball" to be added to the count, click each image to view a video example of the indicated term:

Pitch Location
A pitch not swung at by the batter and which does not at any point enter the strike zone, when caught by the catcher, shall be ruled a ball. This includes any such pitch which bounces prior to reaching home plate, even if the ball subsequently bounces into the strike zone.
Hit By Pitch
A pitch which makes contact with the batter while the batter is legally within the batter's box is a Hit By Pitch (HBP). Award: Dead ball, Batter awarded 1st.
Exception: A batter who makes no attempt to avoid being hit will not be awarded 1st base (dead ball & Ball only).
Illegal Pitch: Quick Pitch
A pitcher who executes a pitch when the batter is not ready to receive it may be called for a quick return pitch. This is an illegal act. Similarly, a pitcher who takes too long to pitch may receive an automatic ball (consuming greater than 12 seconds with no runner on base).
Award: Dead ball, Ball added to Count.
Illegal Pitch: Short Pitch
A pitcher whose delivery fails to reach home plate or either of the foul lines has made an illegal pitch (short). Another illegal action resulting in a ball is a pitcher on the rubber touching his hands to his mouth, except when previously authorized by the umpires.
Award (No Runners on Base): Ball.
Award (Runner[s] on Base): Balk.


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